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This year, the five-day Street Musicians Contest will be held again in the center of Eger (Northern Hungary) between July 26 and 30. The program is accompanied by three other festivals: the Street Fine Arts Festival, the ÉTER Plus Talent Search Festival and the VINO Wine Tasting Celebration.

According to the organizers’ statement, the ninth edition of the Street Musicians Contest was launched in 2015, with the support of the City of Eger, and that of the Municipality of Eger, organized by Zoltán Ábry.

They wrote that this year, 90 musical formations have applied for the street musician competition, of which 48 teams will compete after preliminary evaluation. The unique feature of the event is the so-called ‘similar coins’.

The busker who collects the most similar coins from passersby over the five days will win the city ​​favorite prize, valued at 500,000 HUF (1,335 EUR).

There will also be a professional jury: the best ensemble and the best soloist/duo will be selected, with prizes of 100,000-100,000 HUF (267-267 EUR) each.

According to information, on July 26, the Festival of Fine Arts in the Street, organized by Klári Teleki, an art patron from Eger, will join the five-day event for the fourth time. The aim is to showcase the work of talented painters, sculptors and hobby artists to a wide audience. At the same time,

an important aspect of the street art event is to involve passers-by in the creation process.

An important novelty this year is that you can not only vote for musicians but also for painters with similar coins.

According to the statement, the number of applicants to the Street Fine Arts Festival has increased so much in the last three years that not only artists from Eger are exhibiting, but also artists from 17 cities across the country.

The festival will also feature barrel painting and music painting shows.

For the first time, the ÉTER Plus Talent Search Festival, organized by Jácint Jakab, will join the series of events, with a professional jury listening and awarding 12 emerging young bands after a pre-selection session. Although the Street Musicians Contest and the ÉTER Festival are two separate events, thanks to the collaboration, two of the 12 bands will be selected among the street musicians.

The aim of the talent show is to give amateur Hungarian talents from the country and beyond the borders the opportunity to showcase themselves and develop.

This year’s talent show will be held in cooperation with the joy of music and the Street Musicians Contest on July 29 at Eszterházy Square.

As part of the event, Eger winemakers will present their best white, rosé, red and sparkling wines at the VINO wine tasting celebration at Dobó square. Visitors will also be able to learn about the history of the wineries, the characteristics of the production areas and the winemaking process, concludes the summary.

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