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FAIRMONT — The Fairmont Senior Soccer Boosters received permission Monday from the Marion County School Board to install new benches at East-West Stadium.

The benches would give student athletes a place to sit and rest during games.

“If you’re playing soccer or football in the stadium and you have the wind at your back, this would help the kids on the field to try to get a little warm before going in,” Jennie Amos, president of Fairmont Senior Soccer Boosters at the meeting of the July 17, school board.

Plans for the aluminum benches include high-impact panels and water drainage. The structure would be mounted on a freshly poured concrete pad, located where a current fence is located. According to Amos, the benches would cost between $20,000 and $25,000 and are expected to be completed by the fall season. Twelve seats will be installed in total.

Although the Fairmont Senior Soccer Boosters foot most of the bill, the East Fairmont High Soccer Boosters contribute between $1,000 and $2,000 toward the project. The school board is not paying for the project, but had to give its permission since the stadium belongs to the district.

“It’s gone through the proper channels, I’ve talked to Mr. Reider, we’ve talked about insurance, we wanted to make sure we were right before we had any kind of opinion,” LD Skarzinski, administrative assistant for the school board. , saying. “We went out and looked at the facility to make sure it met all the requirements.”

According to the group of promoters, the East-West Stadium would receive a professional improvement in its facilities. Student athletes could benefit from a better gaming experience by finding a place to shelter during extreme heat or rain and sleet. You can also give the local soccer team designated areas for offense and defense to meet when they’re not on the field.

While the group of boosters may be soccer related, the improvements they bring to the stadium go beyond just one sport.

“Although Fairmont High School’s football sponsors fund the seats, all teams using East-West Stadium will use it,” said Donna Costello, school board president.

It was an important facet for Costello. He also brought up the issue during the board meeting, double-checking with Amos that the benches would be available for all sports.

The stadium is also undergoing renovations at the moment. Skarzinski noted that any work they do will be careful not to undo any work that has already been done to renovate the stadium.

Also on the agenda was the approval of a budget to install audio recording devices in special education classes. The installation of the devices is in line with House Bill 3271, which was signed into law in March. The bill requires school districts to place audio recording devices in self-contained classroom bathrooms.

Craig and Beth Bowden, Charleston residents, sought passage of the bill after their son was abused in a classroom by a now-convicted former teacher. The bill is designed to prevent bathrooms from becoming a space where a teacher could abuse a student. The school board will pay Tate Communication about $20,000 for the work.

The next school board meeting is August 10 at 5:30 pm The board changed the previous date from August 7 to August 10 during the meeting.

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