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F1 team bosses talk more about the 2026 season regulations and what could be difficult for them, especially in terms of power units.

The 2026 F1 season sees a lot of rule changes, especially on the power unit side. A major one is hybrid power, which will see an increase from 120kW to 350kW with the removal of MGU-H. In addition, there will be a ‘drop in’ of 100% sustainable fuels that will be introduced and used. This means that no new carbon will be released from fossil fuels.

There have been talks about the F1 2026 regulations where Christian Horner calls them Frankenstein, while Toto Wolff downplays the saying. The engine game could be as strong again as it was when hybrid power units were introduced.

Here’s what more F1 team bosses had to say:

Mike Krak: “Yes, it is interesting that these comments come up now. I think the working groups have been around for a while now, more than a year, and we are working on it. I think we should be careful. Some of the regulations that we have in ’26 were instrumental in getting people back, Honda in this case, or getting others to join. So we can’t water them down now just because we get another look a little bit later. So overall, I think it’s important that we work together as teams with the FIA, with F1, to find the best possible solution to these new tasks, new regulations with a more equal division between the different energies. I think time will tell. There are working groups going, there was one on Thursday, I understand, so I’m pretty sure they’ll find a suitable product.”

Zak Brown: “Yeah, ultimately it doesn’t concern me because everyone in Formula 1 is extremely smart and regardless of the final regulations, they will figure it out. We have a great partner in Mercedes Benz who has a fantastic history in the sport, so they keep us informed. Obviously we have an interest in making sure the regulations are fit for purpose but I have no doubt they will be, not even on the power unit side but also on the chassis side and there is still work in progress. . We have a great partnership with Mercedes, so it’s pretty hard to imagine them not getting it right, regardless of where the final rules are laid out. And it’s always a combination, isn’t it, of driver, chassis and power unit to produce a competitive car. So I don’t think it’s any different, either this regulation or the next regulation or the regulation after that.”

James Vowles: “I think that summed it up well. There’s an active discussion, as Mike said, there was a TAC on Thursday, where this is talked about all the time. And we will come to a solution. The direction of the journey is pretty clear: move to sustainable fuels, move to a prescribed motor formula. Now we just have to put a package around it that’s good for show, but the direction of movement is the one we’re working on together. I think any power unit regulation change you can win or you can lose as a result of it. Mercedes did a very, very good job on the 2013/’14 changes, an example of that. Probably, if you look at the previous years, there were power unit vendors that were slightly above, but they also settled in pretty quickly afterwards, well into a uniform formula. I think Zak said it right, we have a great relationship with Mercedes and a long history behind it and they have been strong in the sport for 20 years. My take on things is that whoever you go with, you will forge your alliance and I think that before long you will establish yourself in a very sensible position. And it would be wrong to say that the chassis doesn’t have a big impact on him yet because I keep thinking about the regulations, as stark as they are at the moment, there’s a lot of potential to do better or worse than his competitors.”

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