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Eisenhower honored his 2021, 2022 and 2023 All-State tennis players. Here are 2023 singles players Gabby Sadowski, left, and Ava Gojcaj. (GEORGE POHLY — MediaNews Group)

Eisenhower honored his 2021, 2022 and 2023 All-State tennis players at the school on July 12. The 2023 girls’ team finished tied for seventh in the Division 1 state finals.

Eisenhower All-State tennis doubles players in 2023: In front, from left to right, Jillian Rodzik, Alexis Gabriel, Armeen Shawka and Sofia Gardner; behind, from left to right, Alayna Aamodt, Brooke Nicholson and Lauren Volaric. (GEORGE POHLY — MediaNews Group)
Eisenhower All-State tennis players in 2022, from left, Brandon DeWitte, Jack Palus, Ken Haemmerle (with plaque for Austin Endres), Stephane Zaror, Miranda Smith (with plaque for Amanda Galicia) and Brooke Nicholson. (GEORGE POHLY — MediaNews Group)
The 2021 Eisenhower All-State tennis players, from left, Ken Haemmerle (holding a plaque for Peyton Mehr), Tara Montreuil, Alexis Anthes, Brooke Nicholson and Elle Nicholson. (GEORGE POHLY — MediaNews Group)

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