Conservative activist assaulted after speaking in defense of women’s sports at San Francisco State

Riley Gaines, a conservative activist, was physically assaulted after giving a speech in support of women’s sports at San Francisco State University. Gaines had been invited to speak by a student group that opposes the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

During her speech, Gaines argued that allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports was unfair to biological women and would ultimately harm the integrity of women’s sports. However, shortly after she finished speaking, Gaines was ambushed by a group of individuals who physically assaulted her.

According to witnesses, the attackers appeared to be part of a larger group that had gathered to protest Gaines’ speech. They targeted her because of her conservative views and her opposition to transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

Gaines suffered minor injuries in the attack and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. She has since spoken out about the incident, calling it a “violation of free speech” and an attempt to intimidate conservative voices on college campuses.

The incident has sparked outrage among conservative groups, who argue that it is a clear example of the left’s intolerance for opposing viewpoints. Some have called for increased protections for conservative speakers on college campuses, while others have called for an end to the practice of allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports.

Overall, the incident has reignited the debate over the role of transgender athletes in women’s sports and the importance of protecting free speech on college campuses.

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