Conor Benn Removed From All Major Boxing Bodies As WBC Removes Boxer From Rankings

British boxer Conor Benn has been dropped from all four of boxing’s main bodies – the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF – due to problems with drug tests and failed drug tests in the past.

According to, He was previously dropped from the WBC. classifications for not complying with the WBC Clean Boxing program. He was listed once again in his rankings when he agreed to sign up for the show.

Conor Benn, however, failed a doping test and tested positive for Clomphine. Benn maintained his innocence throughout. He was added to the classification when no evidence of intentional doping was discovered during the course of the sanctioning body’s investigation.

The WBC attributed the high amounts of Clomphine to excessive consumption of eggs. However, Conor Benn reportedly denied this and has since posted a lengthy statement on Twitter presenting his version of his story.

Conor Benn has provided an official statement on the situation.

On March 1, 2023, Conor Benn released a lengthy and detailed statement outlining what he believes really happened. As part of their lengthy investigation, the WBC instructed their own experts to review my supplements and diet, and they concluded that the most likely cause was egg contamination.

“Based on a thorough scientific review of the test procedures, which established a number of reasons why we believed the results were completely unreliable and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I am innocent. The report prepared by my scientific team and contained extensive analysis of both tests and concluded that there was clear evidence of fundamental flaws and irregularities. As an example, my sample appears to have come out clear the first three times it was tested. Without explanation, retested after 9 days and only then did it show a positive trace.”

Check out Benn’s full statement here:

My affirmation. My truth. Part 1

Benn then adds that he demanded that his ‘B samples’ be tested at the ‘first opportunity’. Ultimately, he categorically denies any intentional use and appears to be puzzled as to how these small amounts of Clomphine were found in his system. He ended his statement by saying:

“I am convinced that the substance was never in my system and I certainly never knowingly ingested it.”

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