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COLORS and Rajasthan Royals are delighted to announce the two talented and deserving winners of the innovative reality show ‘Cricket ka Ticket’. After months of fierce competition and unwavering dedication, Aditi Chauhan and Abhishek Batra have triumphed among the field of 22 talented cricketers, getting a rare opportunity to showcase their cricketing prowess and nurture their passion for the sport. In addition to the cash prizes for the duo, a mentoring program for the winners and runners-up has also been started which will be spread throughout the year and will consist of cricket coaching by the Rajasthan Royals coaches, fitness sessions and fitness with the franchise’s Head Physio. John Gloster and strength and conditioning coach AT Rajamani Prabhu, mental health sessions and bi-weekly meetings with coaches to follow the development of new talent.

Commenting on this occasion, Vivek Mohan Sharma, Director of Brand Content, Viacom18 saying, “At Viacom18, we are dedicated to creating unique content formats, and Cricket Ka Ticket is a testament to our expertise in that space. Our collaboration with the Rajasthan Royals has resulted in a show with immense popularity, making it an unprecedented platform for the audience to connect with the cricket franchise and talent in this country. The combination of the power of entertainment and a sport that is considered a religion in this country has opened the doors to a world of endless possibilities and powerful viewer connection with Rajasthan Royals and Colors and JioCinema as the platforms. We congratulate the winners and are excited to see what the future holds for them.

“Cricket ka Ticket” has been an unprecedented collaboration between COLORS and Rajasthan Royals to uncover raw cricket talents from across the country and has given the younger generation an arena where they can showcase their talents and an opportunity to further develop more your skills under the guidance. and supervision by cricket legends and top coaches. As winners of the show, Aditi Chauhan and Abhishek Batra will be presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to join established cricket clubs and franchises, rub shoulders with cricket stars and be expertly mentored by some of the best brains involved in cricket. the sport.

Alok Chitre, Commercial Director of Rajasthan Royalsexpressed his excitement, stating, “Our aim with ‘Cricket Ka Ticket’ is to rekindle the lost dreams of thousands of Indians who want to play professional cricket at some point in their lives. Having witnessed the remarkable achievements of Aditi and Abhishek this season, we are delighted that the The show has been a success and has been able to offer its viewers a sense of hope and entertainment.As throughout the course of the show, we now continue to offer support to the winners and finalists through the best training facilities in our High Performance Center in Nagpur, guidance and coaching from our esteemed panel of coaches, who can assist in their overall development and prepare them for a professional cricketing career.As we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead, we are also We are grateful to COLORS who have supported us in this initiative, and we strongly believe that this collaboration will produce exceptional talent for the future of cricket.”

Aditi belongs to a joint family in which she stands as the only woman committed to the practice of sport. Despite actively participating in local tournaments throughout the state, she has yet to secure the opportunity to represent her state team. This is mainly due to the remarkable talent pool and intense competition that is prevalent in Rajasthan. However, when Rajasthan Royals, in collaboration with COLORS, launched India’s biggest sports reality show “Cricket Ka Ticket”, Aditi found a way to advance his career, with a reward of 5 lacs and the opportunity to appear for tests in several female T20. teams Despite a rocky start to the competition, the judges decided to believe in her and kept her as her contender. Current and former Royals players and coaches were very active in motivating and mentoring Aditi, as well as providing experience on how to develop her game overall. She was able to bounce back and surprise everyone, and it was a life-changing experience for Aditi, who won the show. Aditi will have the opportunity to work with the Royals coaching team for the remainder of the year, which will focus on mentally growing her and cricket in general, as well as securing great opportunities for her to give trials for T20 women’s teams. .

With a background in banking, the story of Abhishek Batra is particularly inspiring. Leaving behind the security of a stable job, he decided to pursue his dreams and pursue his lifelong passion for cricket. Throughout the show, Abhishek displayed unwavering commitment and great skill, making him a standout contender from the start. Abhishek’s outstanding performance won the hearts of the esteemed panel of judges and the viewers as well. On the recommendation of Rajasthan Royals, Abhishek Batra is preparing to embark on his professional cricket journey by joining North Devon Cricket Club (UK) for their upcoming Devon Cricket League campaign. Abhishek’s transformation from banker to cricketer exemplifies the spirit of determination and passion that the cricket community seeks in the next generation.

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