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February 12, 2024, marked a day of satire and political commentary as throngs of revelers took to the streets in Germany’s carnival strongholds. The traditional celebrations saw floats satirizing various political figures, including Ukrainian and Russian presidents, German politicians, and former US President Donald Trump.

Biting Sarcasm in Carnival Satire

The Carnival celebrations in Germany, known for their vibrant and diverse nature, took on a satirical tone this year. Revelers participated in parades featuring floats that addressed current national and global political issues with biting sarcasm. Topics highlighted included Ukraine’s desire to join NATO, opposition to aid for Ukraine, criticism of sanctions against Russia, and the war between Israel and Hamas.

Political Figures in the Limelight

Politicians were not spared from the satirical spectacle. Ukrainian and Russian presidents, German politicians, and former US President Donald Trump were all depicted on floats. The floats served as a platform for the public to express their opinions on these figures and the political situations they represent.

A Day of Satire and Celebration

While the floats were a focal point of the carnival, the costumes worn by the revelers were equally noteworthy. Ranging from whimsical to satirical, one group in Brazil even wore costumes made from beer and soda cans. The day was a testament to the power of satire in expressing opinions and the enduring spirit of the Carnival celebrations.

The Guardian’s picture editors have curated a selection of photographs from around the world, capturing diverse events and moments from Monday, February 12, 2024. The highlights of the day included images from the carnival satire event, a kiss during the Super Bowl, a music concert, political demonstrations, wildlife, and military activities.

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