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Carl Froch is not a fan of Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou.

‘The Gyspy King’ caused a stir recently for agreeing to face Ngannouwho is a former UFC heavyweight champion with no professional boxing experience, in ten rounds in Saudi Arabia on October 28.


Fury is the WBC heavyweight champion, who will be fighting former UFC king Francis Ngannou.

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Former world champion and Hall of Famer Froch disapproves

And Froch said it’s more like some rocky iii.

“I saw Rocky with my kids the other day,” Froch told talkSPORT.

“He fought the wrestler, Hulk Hogan. That’s what this is, it’s a joke and he’s not in the joke business.

Fictional boxer Rocky Balboa famously put on a crossover fight against a professional wrestler named Thunderlips who was played by WWE legend Hulk Hogan in the third installment of the franchise.

“[Fury] he’s the WBC heavyweight champion and he needs to defend that title as far as I’m concerned,” Froch added.

Fury’s father, John, recently tried defend his son from the reaction when comparing his fight with Ngannou to Muhammad Ali fighting professional wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1976.

Froch insists that Ali had already faced all his opponents before engaging in a “joke” fight, while Fury has yet to prove he is the best of his time.

Fans had hoped to see him face Oleksandr Usyk or Anthony Joshua, but that’s not happening and Usyk’s manager even wanted to see the WBC strip Fury of his belt.


WWE legend Hulk Hogan had a cameo in Rocky III where ‘Thunderlips’ engaged in a crossover feud


Ngannou is a former UFC champion who has never fought professionally before.

Froch said: “Muhammad Ali fought a fighter late in his career, but he had already fought [Joe] Frazier, and everyone else that was lined up, [George] Foreman, all the great hitters in the division.

He had done it. He had had his run, and then had a bit of a testimonial fight or joke shop fight. Whatever you want to call it, it’s not a boxing match. It’s an exhibition, an entertaining type of fight.”

Ultimately, the 46-year-old understands why Fury decided to fight Ngannou, but believes he should be held to a higher standard as the best big man in boxing.

“Yes, I can understand why he is doing it,” Froch concluded.

“I get it, and I’m not going to say I wouldn’t because I would. If they offer me whatever, is it £50 million? Silly money, he’s a professional boxer.

“He is boxing to get paid. He’s not boxing to get punched in the nose and not get paid. He’s not risking his life for a small amount of money when he can’t risk his life for a huge amount of money.

“As the WBC world heavyweight champion, he has an obligation to do better than Ngannou. Let’s be honest, he shouldn’t have a chance, not even a puncher’s chance.

“We saw what happened to [Floyd] Mayweather and Conor McGregor. It was a mismatch. Mayweather was holding it up, taking his time and flaunting it.”

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