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With a bold ambition to boost rugby’s global reach and appeal by becoming more relevant and accessible to younger, entertainment-hungry audiences, SVNS aims to deliver the ultimate in immersive experiences, a unique festival of sport, entertainment and culture with stunning backdrops.

Launching in December 2023, SVNS Festivals will provide the annual platform for the world’s best Sevens athletes to shine with 12 men’s and women’s teams sharing a global stage in the same venue.

Cape Town has held its own in the reimagined series, having established itself as one of South Africa’s pre-eminent FOMO events in any genre since the series’ South African leg moved to the Mother City in 2015.

More than 620,000 fans have walked through the gates of Cape Town Stadium over the past six tournaments, making it one of the highest attended live events in South Africa, while no less than six different men’s and women’s teams have turned out. crowned champions.

HBSC SVNS – Festival Dates
Dubai, UAE – December 2-3, 2023
Cape Town, South Africa – December 9 and 10, 2023
Perth, Australia – January 26-28, 2024
Vancouver, Canada – February 23-25, 2024
Los Angeles, USA – March 2-3, 2024
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China – April 5-7, 2024
Singapore, Singapore – May 3-5, 2024
Madrid, Spain – May 31-June 2, 2024

All dates and locations are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.

For the latest ticket information, fans should visit the new website for more information.

World Rugby chief executive Alan Gilpin said: “We are excited to launch HSBC SVNS, the new supercharged identity for our Olympic format, with iconic destinations and a new concept on and off the pitch, broadening the reach and appeal of the sport. beyond their traditional audiences.

“Our ambition is for SVNS to be at the forefront of our growth strategy, attracting a younger, entertainment-hungry audience. Across eight iconic destinations played over seven months, we will bring together a truly immersive festival of rugby, music, food and experiences to create the best youth gathering weekend, the hottest ticket and usher in a new era for the sport.

“For the first time in rugby sevens history, all locations will be unified under the same approach, meaning the overall experience is the same and we can optimize business revenue for reinvestment, including playing our part in ensuring that Sevens is a viable professional career. for talented players and Olympians.

“We are delighted to extend our longstanding and impressive title partnership with HSBC. They share our passion for growing the sport into new nations and communities and have played an instrumental role in advancing the reach and success of the sport, particularly at the community game level. We are excited about the opportunity in front of us to work with HSBC to take SVNS to the next level.”

Summer vibes, festival feeling.

Off the pitch, SVNS is all about summer vibes. Sunny days and unique experiences such as rugby, music, food and wellness combine to attract a new generation of audiences. Celebrating cuisine and culture, each SVNS destination will celebrate its unique local flavor, adding to the overall excitement and enjoyment of events around the world. There will also be a variety of competitive and social sports for everyone at SVNS festivals, from non-contact rugby to functional fitness. Each event will deliver something unique.

New format, gender parity

Each event is designed to allow the best players in the world to do their best. After consulting with players, fans, broadcasters, and unions, the competition format was revamped with SVNS set to deliver even more drama, excitement, and danger.

The top eight ranked teams, based on accumulated series points, at the end of Singapore SVNS will secure their chance to compete in the new ‘winner-take-all’ Grand Final in Madrid, where the SVNS Women’s and Men’s Champions will be crowned. .

The drama does not end there. Madrid will also play host to the high-stakes relegation play-off competition where teams ranked 9-12 will join the top four teams from the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series. The top four ranked teams from this play-off will secure their place in next year’s SVNS.

Under the new model, SVNS offers gender parity with all seven rounds and the Grand Final featuring mixed men’s and women’s competitions and equal participation fees, with a 70 per cent increase in World Rugby’s investment in participation fees as a compromise. with sustainable growth.

“The HSBC SVNS Cape Town experience has just exploded to a whole new level,” said SA Rugby CEO Rian Oberholzer.

“We have long thought about expanding and improving the viewer experience and the new HSBC SVNS delivers exactly that, making it an exciting new starting point – we are honored to have been chosen as one of the host cities.

“It will go from a rugby event to a festival experience, unlike anything we have seen before in rugby. Proposed changes to the tournament format and new plans for an even better fan experience will ensure that everyone who attends Cape Town in December will be impressed. We certainly can’t wait for the action to start.”

Continuation of an impressive and innovative partnership with HSBC

Continuing 12 years of passionate support of rugby sevens, HSBC has been confirmed as SVNS Senior Partner on a four-year deal. The renewal is a continuation of a hugely successful long-term partnership between HSBC and World Rugby that has created opportunities for players and fans around the world. Together with World Rugby, HSBC has committed to the future of women’s rugby, helping 558,962 young people to pick up a rugby ball through grassroots programmes.

HSBC Group Chief Executive Noel Quinn said: “Through many years of working closely with World Rugby to showcase and support the sport around the world, HSBC has become synonymous with World Rugby Sevens.

“I am particularly proud of the new opportunities we have helped open up by taking the sport to new markets, supporting the growth of the women’s game and giving tens of thousands of young people the chance to try rugby for the first time. I am delighted that our hugely successful partnership with World Rugby will continue for years to come, and that HSBC can help the sport reach even greater heights.”

HSBC Ambassador and former USA 7s captain Abby Gustaitis added: “Having recently come to the end of my career as an HSBC SVNS player, I am delighted that the next generation of sevens players will be part of a series that is completely equal in terms of hours and pay. HSBC has been a huge supporter of the growth of the women’s game and today’s announcement is a big step in making rugby a fully equal game for all.”

To mark the launch, a new ‘Destination: SVNS’ campaign was unveiled celebrating the vibrant new SVNS brand and positioning SVNS as the ultimate summer-style destination, packed with entertainment and immersive experiences from sunrise to sunset.

The new series follows a broad and comprehensive consultation process, involving representatives of participating teams, hosts of existing tournaments, international rugby players, player welfare representatives and fans.

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