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When an NBA team drafts a player, they expect him to perform for the best. Is not always that way. Perhaps a player is not what they expected. Alternatively, the team may have simply created a list that doesn’t suit them. Either way, that relationship may end prematurely.

So far, the Chicago Bulls probably aren’t happy with Patrick Williams. He looked good when he was healthy, but injuries have kept him on the shelf far too often.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic’s Jalen Suggs hasn’t necessarily worked out either. He has shown potential, but his offensive game needs development. Now, the Magic have a plethora of point guards they can prioritize over him. Could they send him to the Bulls?

The commercial proposal

Orlando Magic Receive: F Patrick Williams
Chicago Bulls Receive: G Jalen Suggs, G Devin Cannady

Of course, when a team signs a player, they expect that to work as well. Again, this is not always the case. Several factors can negatively influence a signing. The lesions may be the most prominent.

If a player can’t stay healthy, what value can he offer? No one should blame professional athletes for getting injured; they do not intend to injure themselves. Still, he leaves his team in an unfortunate position.

NBA BUSINESSES, NEWS AND RUMORS: Updates from Jalen Suggs, Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic

Ask the Bulls about Lonzo Ball. He can’t stay on the ground. By now, the Bulls must be making contingency plans. Is Suggs a good one?

Why the Chicago Bulls make the deal

We give away the end. The Bulls make this deal to replace Lonzo Ball. In fact, Suggs is a similar player in some ways. He is a dynamic defender with strong field vision. Of course, there is also a big fundamental difference between them.

Ball is an elite floor spacer. Suggs, so far, is a poor shot. In fact, that’s mainly what has held back his young career up to this point.

NBA BUSINESSES, NEWS AND RUMORS: Updates from Jalen Suggs, Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic

This is still a good bet for Chicago. Ball was once a poor shooter, Suggs can improve. In the meantime, they’ll pair him up with a stretched-out big man in Vucevic. The Bulls can make this work. Can magic?

Why the Orlando Magic make the deal

The Magic are also making this deal to replace a player who is frequently injured. Surely, they are already losing faith in Jonathan Isaac. He is rarely available to play basketball. Orlando should be operating on the assumption that Isaac is not part of his future.

In fact, Williams looks like an Ironman compared to Isaac. Yes, he usually gets injured, but there are many more reasons to have faith in him.

NBA BUSINESSES, NEWS AND RUMORS: Updates from Jalen Suggs, Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic

When healthy, he’s also a better shot than Isaac. Williams may be a better complement to playmaking wings like Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner. Williams’ ability to guard multiple positions will make life easier for everyone on this roster. If all goes well, that is.

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