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North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye (10) passes against Clemson during an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023, in Clemson, S.C. (AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman)

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Do you think we’ll try and move up to take Drake Maye like I’ve been seeing in some mock drafts?

— Phil T., Aurora

Alright, right to it, Phil. Is this the most likely move for the Broncos? Probably not. Is it in the realm of possibility? Sure. There’s no reason to rule out anything just yet as it pertains to the Broncos’ draft strategy in late April. As Denver head coach Sean Payton pointed out several times in pretty much the exact same terms last week, the Broncos just started their “front-board” draft meetings on Monday.

Perhaps we’ll learn more later this month at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, though it’s not like teams line up to tell the truth about their plans or their convictions on certain players.

The first domino to fall, of course, is Russell Wilson. Payton acknowledged during his Super Bowl week radio tour that he’s looking to fall in love with a quarterback, which could easily be interpreted to mean he didn’t love Wilson (as a player) in 2023.

Maybe that’s a rookie. Maybe that’s a free agent — Payton had an interesting comment about looking for Baker Mayfield while he was in Las Vegas — or a trade target. There are a ton of options, it’s just unclear how many truly good ones are on the board. That reality, too, is what’s driving conversation about a potential trade-up (well, that and it’s better for web traffic than mocking a cornerback to Denver).

How much would a trade up the board for Maye cost? If Washington loves him, it just might not be possible because the Commanders could take him at No. 2.

If Washington is willing to trade out of that spot, then there’s likely to be competition.

Let’s say Chicago takes USC’s Caleb Williams and the Commanders love LSU’s Jayden Daniels. And New England’s willing to move off No. 3. San Francisco made this exact move in 2021 to get from No. 12 to No. 3 and draft Trey Lance. To do so, they traded three first-rounders and a future third-rounder.

This year’s equivalent would be the Broncos sending the Patriots No. 12 plus their first-rounder and third-rounder in 2025 and first-rounder in 2026. That’s probably a starting point. That likely grows if you’re trying to get to No. 2 or if the competition really ramps up. Plus, all of this assumes that one of those teams in the top three will be willing to move.

Say we trade back just two spots, what other picks do you think the Broncos could get and who may be still on the board?

— James H., Colorado Springs

The other side of the coin. The Broncos could trade back and add more assets.

Here are a couple of valuations for your question, James, about moving back from No. 12 to No. 14.

Jimmy Johnson model: Difference is the value of the No. 100 pick.

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