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Bernnadette Stanis, acclaimed American actress and author, was honored with an Honorary Doctorate from TIUA’s School of Business during the prestigious Essence Festival, held in New Orleans over the July 4th weekend. Additionally, she was recognized with the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry by World Global magazine winners.

Born Bernadette Stanislaus on December 22, 1953, Bernnadette Stanis gained worldwide recognition for her unforgettable portrayal of Thelma Evans, the beloved daughter of Florida and James Evans Sr., on the CBS sitcom Good Times, which aired from 1974. to 1979.

The Essence Festival, one of the largest annual gatherings celebrating black culture and entertainment, provided the perfect backdrop for the momentous occasion. Thousands of attendees from around the world had the opportunity to witness the celebration of Stanis’ remarkable career and his lasting impact on television and literature.

Stanis, who has also made a name for herself as an accomplished author, engaged in engaging discussions and shared her insights with the winners of the World Global Magazine event during the festival. Her extensive body of work and influential presence have inspired countless people, and her contributions to the world of entertainment and literature have left an indelible mark.

The TIUA Business School, recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, recognized Stanis’s remarkable achievements with the prestigious Honoris Causa Doctorate. This distinguished recognition serves as a testament to his significant contributions to the arts, as well as his dedication to uplifting and empowering others.

In addition to the Honorary Doctorate, Bernnadette Stanis was also awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, an accolade given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, passion, and commitment in their respective fields. This recognition further solidifies her status as a pioneer and a true icon in the entertainment industry.

Stanis’s immense talent, grace and inspiring journey continue to captivate audiences around the world. Her enduring influence on popular culture and her commitment to using her platform for positive change make her a role model for aspiring artists and individuals alike.

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Bernnadette Stanis, also billed as Bern Nadette Stanis (born Bernadette Stanislaus on December 22, 1953), is an American actress and author. Gained wide recognition for her portrayal of Thelma Evans on the CBS sitcom Good Times, which originally ran from 1974 to 1979. Since then, Stanis has become an influential figure in the entertainment industry and continues to inspire audiences. with his talent, resilience and dedication to his craft.

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