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Monday betting summaries

Monday was a pretty quiet day at sportsbooks (and betting apps, if we’re being accurate with how most players get and sweat their action in 2023).

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Houston Rockets 99-78 as underdogs by 1.5 points to win the NBA Summer League championship here in Las Vegas (they remained underscored with a total of 194 points). , but most of the focus was on the MLB 10-game undercard. As we’ll see in our nightly recaps below, the favorites were 5-3 with a pick-em, but we also had a suspend game with the Giants and Reds tied 2-2 in the top of the eighth inning (for betting purposes, “Vegas rules” dictate that the result rolls back to the last completed inning, when it was also tied 2-2, so money line bets are declared “no action” and refunded, while money line bets of time and Over/Under are also refundable as the game did not go 9 innings (or 8.5 if the home team is leading.) Note: 1st inning, top 3, top 5, etc. , they qualify as action Let’s get to the full nightly recaps we posted on Twitter @ViewFromVegas, then refresh the betting stats for the entire season.

MLB: The favorites finished 5-3 on Monday with the Dodgers-Orioles closing out pick-’em in LA’s 6-4 win, plus the Giants-Reds with no action in the ML game as it was tied 2-2 in 7 innings. . The upsets came from the Nationals (+122 in a 7-5 win over the Cubs), Rangers (+109 in a 3-2 win against the Rays) and Cardinals (-101 in a 6-4 win against the Rays). Marlins). The road teams led 5-4. The overs were also 5-4.

More MLB: On the season, the favorites improved to 806-569 with 23 games closing pick-’em. Home teams lead 722-674 with 4 games at neutral sites, though visiting teams have been cutting into that lead of late. Unders’ lead was cut to just 672-668-59 with 1 no action (note: tonight’s Giants-Reds game was technically a second total no action, but in the interest of as many games for favorites/ dogs, home/away and Over/Under, I’m not going to include it here, previous no-contest total was a game that was rained out and declared official, so moneyline favorite/dog and home/away results counts as opposed to tonight’s draw/refund for ML purposes.

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