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Ashish Raman Sethi—IANS

New Delhi, July 18 (IANS) Ashish Raman Sethi has become the first Indian boxer to win a Bengali boxing stadium belt. In the fastest knockout of the night, the Indian boxer fought the hardest way to win the toughest fight of his life in Patong, Thailand, and bring glory to the country.

Although several legends have competed at the legendary Bangla Boxing Stadium, Ashish set a record by becoming the first Indian boxer to win the title there.

In particular, the Bangla Boxing Stadium is a prominent Muay Thai stadium in Patong Beach, known for hosting real Thai Boxing matches, with real champions fighting for prizes, titles and to improve their position in the Thai boxing scene.

The Indian has never let international fights stop him from setting several illustrious records during his career. The Thai boxer is highly regarded for taking home the bronze medal at the IFMA competition in 2020 in Korea. As a consequence of Ashish Sethi’s victory over Chinese Taipei’s Jhao Cyun Ciou to win the medal in the Elite Category, it was the first time the country had won a bronze medal.

“In combat sports, the air always has a certain quality. Kickboxing is a deeply rooted spiritual path that has always made me feel strong inside; it is never a show of strength and talent,” Ashish said in a press release.

The wrestler had also represented Haryana in Indian cricket.

Speaking of switching sports, the boxer said: “My wish has always been to play cricket and I was preparing for the IPL. I tried for the under-16, under-19 and under-25 teams, but nothing worked. I did not succeed in cricket after the age of twenty-two.

“I took a long holiday during that time as I wasn’t sure what to do after my cricketing career came to an end. I started practicing martial arts after my 24th or 25th birthday, but it was too late,” he added.

The Indian also shared more about his trip, in particular about an incident that shook him a lot.

“When I participated in hardcore muay thai, one of the TOP Thai boxing leagues on TV in Thailand, I remember breaking my jaw in my third match. I had no sensation. I had to wait two months to heal on a liquid diet, then eight months, and I was sure I was losing my mind at that point due to a terrible injury,” Ashish said.

Ashish then started learning kickboxing. His local gym provided the essential training he needed. However, he believed that he needed to improve his abilities.

After that, he earned multiple winning spurs in amateur boxing. The athlete won the 2018 KFI national kickboxing championship. In 2019, he won his first gold medal at the Muay Thai National Championships. He then went on to take the Asian Muay Thai bronze medal in the 85kg division, which led him to win the 2019 Muay Thai World Championships.

Now shifting his focus to full-time professional fighting, Ashish talks about his days dabbling in MMA.

“Being from Haryana, where wrestling is deeply rooted, it was easy for me, and now my journey has led to my first Indian win as a boxer, confirming that I chose my sport well and will continue to box. ,” he said.

“After breaking my jaw, I was able to win eight out of fourteen professional fights. I understand that every fighter faces challenges, but I enjoy showing that I was born for this, “concluded Ashish.

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