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Jessica Pegula is a rising American tennis star who climbed the rankings rapidly and ended 2023 ranked 5 after being at rank 3 for most of the year. While she did show stark improvement, Pegula hit a wall as she could not manage to win many titles. Looking to improve further, Pegula is being guided by different stars, with a possible partnership with Andy Roddick on the table as well.

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Pegula is taking advice from different individuals until she finds a permanent coach. She recently shocked the tennis world by splitting up with her coach who trained her for 5 years.

Are Andy Roddick and Jessica Pegula partnering up?


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Jessica Pegula has been struggling since the 2023 WTA Finals concluded. She also withdrew from the Middle Eastern tournaments due to an injury in her neck. Jimmy Arias, Mark Petchey, and Brett Haber discussed her coaching situation in the Tennis Channel Live Podcast, as she is without a permanent coach at the moment.

Haber asked Arias about Pegula’s recent association with Andy Roddick. To this, Arias replied, “The serve was the thing she wants to work on the most. And I spent a couple of days with her and then she ended up calling Andy Roddick as well. FaceTime to watching her serve and giving his pointers. It was interesting for me to hear Andy as well.”

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Roddick was known to be one of the best at serving during his prime. He has the fourth fastest serve in the history of the ATP at 155 mph and 9,074 aces. It is safe to say that Roddick is one of the best individuals to guide Pegula in her service.


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Perhaps this FaceTime will soon change into a full-on mentorship, where Andy Roddick takes on the role of Pegula’s coach. Interestingly, when Pegula announced her separation from her coach, many were surprised, including her coach.

Pegula’s coach was surprised at the partition

Jessica Pegula’s five-year partnership with coach David Witt terminated unexpectedly. The American coach soon expressed genuine surprise at having to break ways with Pegula. He told, “It was a total surprise to me, never saw it coming.” 


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Although surprised, Witt stated that he was still on good terms with Pegula. Witt has a great portfolio as he has also coached Venus Williams in the past, and the two have achieved many titles together. He will not have any issues finding players to guide. But what will become of Pegula? Will she improve further or have a decline?

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