AI is learning, much more realistic names of the top ten boxers of all time

The list of the ten greatest boxers of all time causes some concern due to the fact that, in most cases, no recent boxer makes the list.

According to many “insider” websites and posts, the greatest countdown ever is compiled with pre-1980s legends who predominantly fought opponents who barely trained.

In many eras of the past, boxing was not a serious hobby for the vast majority of fighters. For some, it wasn’t even his first job. Therefore, after 1980 it should be given a much stronger footing in regards to all-time rankings.

World Boxing News would certainly emphasize boxers from the 1980s and 1990s when it comes to comparing to the older generation.

Those who campaigned in the days of yore were conceded to be exceptionally talented. However, the depth of talent was nowhere near what it was, even from the 1970s.

WBN wouldn’t consider many of those from earlier days that many ‘experts’ place in this generation’s Hall of Fame.

Artificial Intelligence at least acknowledges that this era had two incredible legends, unlike some of the recently released lists.

Here is the AI ​​version of the top ten boxers of all time.

The ten best boxers of all time

sugar ray robinson

Muhammad Ali

Jose Luis

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

rocky martian

Manny Pacquiao

Mike Tyson

Roberto Duran

henry armstrong

sugar ray leonard

Although the list is subjective, many other great boxers could have been included. However, all ten boxers are considered in the conversation among the greatest of all time.

They have all accomplished incredible things in their careers. Some factors considered when ranking boxers include their overall record, dominance in their weight class, ability to defeat the best opponents, and impact on the sport of boxing.

Of course, there is no definitive answer as to who is the greatest boxer of all time. However, all of the boxers on this list are worthy of consideration and have made their mark on the sport.

Sugar Ray Robinson is the best consensus. This WBN would not argue. Muhammad Ali’s runner-up is also a solid pick.

Arguably Joe Louis had one of the best heavyweight careers in the sport of boxing. However, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield would have a good debate over Louis and Rocky Marciano.

The sheer weight of the legacy of older fighters takes precedence over the modern era.

Mayweather and Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather, at number four, is a great AI pick. While the inclusion of Manny Pacquiao is also the right choice that most would overlook.

Mike Tyson’s appearance in the top ten is definitely a nostalgic nomination, but no one could argue with Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran.

Leonard and Duran should be there, as the 1980s in their weight class was one of the greatest times fans have ever witnessed.

Let’s dwell on those times in boxing when the sport was much more advanced and training levels peaked and remain so to this day.

Getting over a hundred wins, many against sub-par opponents, should not be recognized as a legacy.

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