Actor David Choe Faces Backlash Online for Comments about Graffiti Art and Artists

David Choe, a well-known actor and graffiti artist, is facing backlash on social media after making controversial comments about the graffiti art community during a recent podcast appearance.

Choe, who gained fame as the host of the popular show “Thumbs Up!” and has worked on several Hollywood projects, was a guest on the podcast “TigerBelly” where he made comments that were seen by many as disrespectful to graffiti artists.

During the podcast, Choe discussed his past experiences with graffiti and expressed his distaste for the culture surrounding the art form, stating that he doesn’t “respect graffiti as an art form.” He also referred to graffiti artists as “junkies” and “crackheads,” which caused many in the graffiti art community to take offense.

The backlash against Choe quickly grew on social media, with many people expressing their disappointment and anger at his comments. Many noted that graffiti has been an important form of expression for marginalized communities and that it should be respected as an art form.

Several well-known graffiti artists also spoke out against Choe’s comments, including RETNA and RISK, who posted a joint statement on Instagram criticizing Choe for his “ignorant and disrespectful” comments.

Choe has since apologized for his remarks, stating in a public statement that he was “ignorant and insensitive” and that he had a lot to learn about the art form and the community surrounding it.

The controversy surrounding Choe’s comments highlights the ongoing debate about the legitimacy of graffiti as an art form and the need for greater respect and understanding of the culture surrounding it.

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