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F1 Manager 2023 is a few days away, but some players may still be unsure about buying the game. From new game modes to new features and even entirely new ways to watch the action, here are five reasons to be excited for F1 Manager 2023.

5 reasons to be excited for F1 Manager 2023

Some players may have doubts about whether to buy F1 Manager 2023 after the slightly disappointing response to last year’s debut in the series

The game launched with expected features, such as a lack of custom equipment, and Frontier announced just a few months after launch that periodic updates would cease, with minor bug fixes being the focus instead. So for those disappointed by last year’s game, why should you be excited about F1 Manager 2023?

Well, it turns out that Frontier has listened to the feedback from players from last year. New features have been introduced As per the demand of the fans, the existing game mechanics have been improved and now the game has a much deeper experience. Let’s find out why this year’s game is a must-buy.

New game modes

F1 Manager 2023 sees the debut of a new replay of the race game mode. Players were previously limited to playing the career mode only, but now they can recreate key moments from the F1 season in real life.

Race Replay scenarios challenge players to rewrite F1 history. From leading Fernando Alonso to victory in Monaco to successfully leading Ferrari through a smooth run of strategy, there are plenty of ways to change F1 history. However, Race Replay is not just focused on the real-life F1 calendar.

As part of the Deluxe Edition, players can access a special stage set in Las Vegas. Playing as Haas, this scenario asks players to take advantage of a late safety car to climb the grid for the checkered flag. Race Replay is almost reason enough to buy F1 Manager 2023, but it’s really just the first entry on this list.

AI Controller Changes

Many F1 2022 Manager players complained about the AI’s driving style last year. The cars would come off the slipstream too early, fight for the pass, and then get stuck in a DRS train lap after lap. Frontier has changed the AI ​​to include new driving styles, giving drivers much more personality.

In F1 Manager 2023, there are even more options when it comes to driver’s instructions. Instead of the basic instructions for ERS deployment and overtaking, this year introduces specialized orders for both attacking and defending. Now you can tell your drivers to push ahead, while also fending off the car behind you.

These choices are reflected in driving styles. Drivers who are asked to push will be much more aggressive on the track, especially in the braking zones. On the other hand, the pilots with defense instructions will place their cars in the center of the track, preventing those behind from passing. However, it is not only the instructions that affect the style of driving.

Also new to F1 Manager 2023 is driver confidence. Affected throughout the race weekend, confidence determines the likelihood that your drivers will be able to overtake during the race. If you tell your driver to be aggressive when they are low on confidence, they are more likely to make a mistake and risk a crash.

Achieving the perfect overtake will increase driver confidence, just like giving your driver their preferred car settings. Not overtaking or even making a mistake with the settings will decrease driver confidence. A driver without confidence will be an easy target on the track, so make sure you keep your drivers in the green zone when it comes to confidence.

Training your crews

In F1 Manager 2022, the only risks in pit stops were if you tried to speed up your tire change to get your driver back in action. In F1 Manager 2023, the chances of your pit crews making mistakes are increased, but thankfully the ways to avoid costly mistakes are also increased.

F1 Manager 2023 introduces the role of Sports Director. Normally, in real life F1, you can hear the Sporting Director on the radio trying to overturn a penalty or trying to change the safety car rules. In F1 Manager 2023, you are primarily responsible for your pit crew.

Once you’ve hired your preferred sporting director, you can instruct them on how to train your pit crew. Whether you want quick stops every time, with the risk of making mistakes, or you prefer a slower but steady approach, your sporting director will go off and work with your team.

Pit crews are also responsible for setting up the car before and during sessions, so it’s crucial to train them exactly how you want them to work. It’s also important not to push your team too hard, as a fatigued team is more likely to make mistakes during a pit stop.

New insights

F1 2022 Manager authentic broadcast presentation It surprised everyone when the game was released last year. Players would have been happy with just a top-down view of the track, with dots representing the speeding cars.

Instead, Frontier went the extra mile, with full 3D tracks with multiple camera angles that brought players as close to the action as possible.

For gamers expecting more of the same, Frontier has once again gone the extra mile. A new viewfinder camera was added to F1 Manager 2023 this year. Players can now literally see the action through the eyes of their drivers.

Suddenly those high-octane near misses and overtakes are all too real when viewed through your driver’s helmet. Just remember it’s not real when you’re wincing at every corner in Baku!

New starts

One of the biggest complaints about F1 Manager 2022 was the inability to switch teams in the middle of saving. This meant that players had to make their saves with the same team they started with. F1 Manager 2023 changes this.

Players can now play the first season with one team, then at the end of the season switch to a new team and try to beat the team they just left. Changing teams can only be done at the end of a season, but this is still a huge improvement over last year.

In addition to this, the contract system has been overhauled. Previously, drivers and staff members could only be hired immediately. Now, there is the option to hire new members for your team, either instantly or at the end of the season.

For players looking to revamp their squad after a disappointing season, they can now launch Helmut Marko’s focus as early as they like in the season!

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