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2024 Fundraising Chat: President, Senate and House Candidates Discuss Their Strategies

In the lead-up to the 2024 US election cycle, fundraising has already become a key focus for candidates across the political spectrum. FiveThirtyEight recently conducted a roundtable discussion with presidential, Senate, and House candidates to learn more about their fundraising strategies and priorities.

One common theme among the candidates was the importance of grassroots fundraising efforts, which have become increasingly prevalent in recent election cycles. Many candidates stressed the need to connect with small-dollar donors and build a broad base of support, rather than relying solely on large donors or corporate PACs.

Several candidates also discussed the impact of social media on fundraising, with some noting that platforms like Twitter and Instagram have become critical tools for connecting with supporters and amplifying their message.

At the same time, many candidates expressed concern about the influence of big money in politics, particularly in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Some candidates called for reforms to limit the role of corporate money in elections and to increase transparency around campaign finance.

Overall, the roundtable highlighted the complex and ever-evolving landscape of campaign fundraising, as candidates strive to navigate the changing political and media environments while also remaining true to their values and principles.

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