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Ranking of the 15 best cornerbacks

1. Jalen Ramseymiami dolphins

Entering its eighth season, Jalen Ramsey It shows no signs of slowing down. According to Pro Football Focus, last year he had his career highs in passing rate (91.1) and run defense rating (91.8). He allowed seven receiving touchdowns, had 11 pass breakups and a career-high in STOPs (27).

He’s the definition of beastly, and when he’s not making a catch on an insanely high jump that results in an interception, or completely knocking someone down with a hard punch, he could easily be sacking the quarterback. When he is on the field, the offense is not safe. It will be interesting to see him suit up for Miami after spending so much time in Los Angeles. he and Xavien Howard they are going to be a fantastic duo.

2. Gardner saucenew york jets

Gardner sauce He has a promising career ahead of him. In his rookie year alone, he had a 90 PFF receiver coverage, a 75.2 tackling rating and an 87.9 overall defense rating. Along with those grades were 60 solo tackles, 16 STOPS, two interceptions, 14 pass breakups and he only allowed one receiving touchdown.

There’s a reason he was taken fourth in the first round last year. His combined NFL results said he “digs the grave and buries an outside pitch” and that couldn’t be more true. He can take high-powered receivers step by step, and when they think they have the ball or beat it, he’s always one step ahead. He plays like he’s been in the NFL for years, and with a proper quarterback, this Jets team will be fun to watch.

3. Patrick Surtain IIDenver Broncos

it’s hard to believe Patrick Surtain II He’s only been in the NFL for two years because he seems like a seasoned pro. In 2022, he had an overall defensive rating of 86.8 and a receiver coverage rating of 86.7. This guy has speed and uses it to appear anywhere on the field. And if the Broncos can’t improve offensively this year, at least his defense is on point.

4. Charvarius neighborhood, san francisco 49ers

Charvarius neighborhood he had career-highs for most of his PFF ratings last year, including in overall defense (81), run defense (91), tackling (90.7) and receiver coverage (76.6). He also had career highs in solo tackles (79) and STOPs (31). He definitely made his mark in his first season in San Francisco, adding to an already scary defense, and he’s ready to continue racking up the stats this year.

5. jaire alejandroGreen Bay Packers

After missing several games in 2021 with a shoulder injury, it appears that jaire alejandro it’s back. He had career-highs in run defense (71.2) and interceptions (five), with high marks in receiver coverage (82.1) and overall defense (80.3). Alexander can be where you need him to be and stays so close to players in coverage that he’s almost a shadow of them. When he’s on the field, he’s incredibly good receivers as gabe davis and garrett wilson don’t stand a chance. Green Bay has kept Alexander for a reason and he is definitely a dynamic force on their defense.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts
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6. L’Jarius SneedKansas City Chiefs

I can’t have a list without mentioning a member of the 2022 Super Bowl winning team. L’Jarius Sneed He turned up the heat last year and had career-highs in solo tackles (101), pass breakups (eight), STOPS (44), as well as his overall defense (77.7), pass rushing (81.9) and receiver coverage. (75.7).

The way he attacks players, especially quarterbacks, is terrifying. The capture of him in Week 3, when Sneed literally hit matt ryan backwards, it was just brutal. And he has such a physicality in him that once he’s wrapped someone up, they don’t stand a chance. If he can keep up this level of play, he’ll definitely get a contract extension to 2024.

7. tyson campbellJacksonville Jaguars

tyson campbell he did well in his second season in the league and had career-highs in areas such as forced fumbles (one), interceptions (three), allowed six receiving touchdowns, and pass breakups (nine). By the time someone catches the ball, Campbell is all over them trying to get it out, and often does. You can’t walk away from him once he targets you, and he’ll do anything he can to ruin you. The junior year looks extremely promising for him as this team looks to build off of their wild card win last year.

8. patrick petersonPittsburgh Steelers

patrick peterson seems to be improving with age. His 12th season saw him playing his most snaps ever with 1,176. His overall defense, tackling and coverage ratings were in the 70s, and he had career-highs in solo tackles (66), STOPs (17) and pass breakups (nine). He’s blocking a field goal, he’s on the sidelines, and receivers like jaylen waddle don’t stand a chance against him. During Week 6, when Peterson was covering Waddle, the two targets getting in Waddle’s way resulted in two pass breakups. The Steelers got a good one when they acquired Peterson, and it will be interesting to see how he fits into his scheme in his first year with the team.

9. marlon humphreyBaltimore Ravens

marlon humphrey has kept him in Baltimore for six seasons and played his career-high snaps last year (1,107). After returning from injury near the end of 2021, his rush pass rating rose dramatically (91.5) in 2022 from previous years, and he had three sacks, one forced fumble and 60 solo tackles. Humphrey fights players for the ball and can really shoot down the field. He’s definitely worth the high price the Ravens are paying him and it’s clear why he extended it in 2026.

10 kendall fullerWashington Commanders

kendall fuller he had a good 2022 season and scored 70s in most of his PFF ratings and also had double figures in STOPs (15) and solo tackles (41). Fuller hits free agency at the end of this season and with another strong performance, he may be looking for more time with the Commanders.

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eleven asante samuel jr.Los Angeles Chargers

I already written a lot about asante samuel jr. and his gaming skills. He is fast, aggressive and was a great addition to this team. Some of his PFF ratings are up quite a bit from 2021, like overall defense (72.6), tackling (58.1), and receiver coverage (76.1), and he also had career-highs in most areas like STOP (15), tackles only (52 ), interceptions (five) and pass breakups (11).

He has borderline issues, which contributed to some explosive plays that brought the Chargers down in crucial moments. As he enters his third season, hopefully he can improve and work his way up to being more complete at the position.

12 dario killPhiladelphia Eagles

dario kill he did very well in many areas last season, but struggled in running defense (46) and tackling (57.4). Minnesota’s game in Week 2 featured some of his best coverage all season with two interceptions. During that game, kirk cousins he only had one touchdown pass, marking the only score for the team. kill and james bradberry make a good pairing.

13 james bradberryPhiladelphia Eagles

james bradberry He’s also coming off a good season, but like Slay, he struggled defending against the run (40.4) and innings (51.3). He still had double digits in pass breakups (12) and tied his 2021 season for interceptions (four). He brought a lot to this Eagles team his first year, as he was number four on the team in receiver coverage while Slay was number three.

Bradberry also had the second-most interceptions on the team, while Slay had the third-most, and there were 18 total for the team, down from just 12 in 2021. Bradberry added some essential coverages and while it wasn’t perfect, it was a key part of getting the Eagles as far as they did.

14 Xavien Howardmiami dolphins

Xavien Howard He wasn’t stellar in many of his PFF ratings last year, but his stats still tell a good story. He had a great career defense rating (84.2), 12 pass breakups, two interceptions and 40 solo tackles. He was named number 56 of the NFL’s 100 Greatest Players and that’s because he is so reactive and accurate. He’s still playing at a really high level and is one of the mentioned threats along with his impressive group of wide receivers.

fifteen. michael davisLos Angeles Chargers

michael davis he had an incredible 2021 season with career highs in all PFF grades and areas like solo tackles (55), sacks (one), and pass breakups (12). She was very even with Samuel last year and was the go-to guy when jc jackson he was not playing well and his season was cut short due to injury. He was very reliable and is going to be counted on this year, especially if Jackson is out of shape. It was exciting to see such an improvement. Let’s cross our fingers that he continues to progress and gets a contract extension in 2024.

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