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Devin Haney put all speculations to rest as he emerged as the WBC super welterweight champion after defeating the reigning champion, Regis Prograis. Of course, this also meant that Bill Haney, Devin’s father, and trainer had the opportunity to take a few shots at Prograis and trainer, Evins Tobler. Both the trainers had engaged in a heated altercation during the press conference before the bout, with both sides predicting a knockout.

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Now that his son has emerged victorious, Bill is again busy taking shots at the rest of the boxers. After calling out Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis, Bill has now aimed his attention towards the Prograis Team. This time, on Instagram.

Devin Haney’s trainer reminds Evins Tobler of his promise


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Bill took to Instagram to remind Prograis’ defeated coach, whom he mockingly called “Big dummy,” that they had previously promised victory. An edited picture where Devin Haney as the father could seen leading a child (Prograis) was not enough. So, Bill added a few comments as well. Some fans found the action synonymous with trolling.

Bill also managed to ignore fans who complained that Haney’s fighting style could be compared to Mayweather’s safety-first approach, focusing on evading return shots.

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In a mean-spirited message, Bill taunted Tobler, reiterating their pre-fight assurance of victory, “I got you 2x champ if you have any more trouble with your homework”. Bill also took the opportunity to challenge Prograis, offering his assistance if Prograis faced any difficulties with his training.

Bill Haney spares no one


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In a fiery post-victory exchange, Bill called out Mayweather and ‘Tank’ for what he sees as lackluster promotion efforts in boxing. Bill criticized the business model of charging fans excessively for fights and asserted that the Haney camp aims to provide top-quality bouts while ensuring fair compensation for fighters. Proud of his son, the 25-year-old boxing champion, Bill passionately argued that Devin’s achievements surpass those of Mayweather and Davis at the same age.

He also dismissed the established pecking order in boxing, challenging the current system and declaring Devin as the future of the sport. Bill even took a dig at Gervonta Davis, suggesting that choosing “fake fights” could lead him down a path to a welfare paycheck. Additionally, he questioned the legitimacy of Terence Crawford’s pound-for-pound rankings, asserting that Devin’s victories over elite opponents like Vasyl Lomachenko and Prograis should secure his place in the conversation.


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Well, despite what followers of the sport might think of old Bill. it’s evident that those hours of training in the gym paid off for the Haneys. And it appears that the Haneys aren’t anywhere close to done basking in the glory of the victory. But what do you think of Bill Haney’s comments? Let us know in the comments.

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